Neighbourhood and communities

Creating and sustaining truly vibrant communities is what we’re all about as a business. We work really hard to make sure your neighbourhoods are safe, secure and enjoyable areas to live.

Over the last 12 months we’ve been doing lots of work in the Westcliff area of Scunthorpe including spending £9million to build 41 new homes, a brand new community hub and five new shops. We’ve also started to work more closely with Humberside Police and North Lincolnshire Council’s Safer Neighbourhoods team to improve communities and work to reduce anti social behaviour.

Dealing with anti social behaviour is something we measure and report on to see how we can continually improve the way we deal with these kind of issues. You can see how we’ve performed below.

Westcliff regeneration

Our Westcliff estate has seen a huge amount of change and improvement over the last 12 months.

We’ve invested £9million in this area of Scunthorpe to dramatically improve the whole estate by building 41 new homes, a brand new community centre called The Arc and five retail units.

This project has been a long time coming and something we’ve wanted to do for years. It was brilliant to be able to get going with the work, so local people could see we really were committed to improve their community.

It has a cafe, preschool and Post Office. The youth club is based there plus yoga classes, craft sessions, a library and lots of drop in sessions with Ongo staff, the police and North Lincolnshire Council. Other businesses can hire our rooms for meetings, training courses and events.

Another positive outcome of The Arc is the number of positive jobs it has created in the cafe and reception including apprenticeships and volunteering positions for people to learn new skills. It really is a place that offers local people great opportunities.

The new homes in Westcliff look fantastic too. They’re really modern family homes and we know they will get snapped up when we’re ready to rent them all out. The first few were so popular with local people who couldn’t wait to move in.

We created a video with college student Mollie Sayers who took a walk through Westcliff to look at how it’s changed over the years.

Mollie’s journey through Westcliff

Our environmental footprint

We’re always looking for ways that we can do our bit for the environment. Over the last 12 months we installed a new heating system in our high rise flats in Scunthorpe town centre which has made them run in a much more energy efficient way.

Our tenants living in these flats will notice savings of around 35% as a result of the new system, and, of course, there are benefits for the environment too. We’re due to start work installing new piping at the same high rise flats which will offer even more savings and benefits when this is complete.

Our new HQ in Scunthorpe which was built in early 2018 is also much more energy efficient compared to our old office. We have modern lighting and heating systems as well as generating our own energy with the solar panels we have on our roof.

How are we performing