Your rent is what keeps us in business and allows us to reinvest in your home and communities.

We have two different levels of rent: social and affordable - you'll be told before you take on a tenancy, which rent you'll be charged. If you want to know more you can read our Rent and Service Charge Setting Policy which tells you more about how we set rents for our homes and garages.

Our Tenancy First Approach

Did you know 52% of our tenants terminate their tenancies owing rent? That’s why we’re changing the way we operate, and going forward we will be taking a tougher approach to tenancies and collecting rent?

Rent accounts should be one week in credit at all times, and currently only 42% are. To fix this, we will now be requesting two weeks rent in advance at the start of each tenancy and asking all current tenants to be 1 week in front.

Also, if a tenant is not at least one week in credit, we will no longer convert their tenancy agreement to an Assured policy following a one year probationary period, and will discuss their rent account before dealing with any request for service before dealing with any other enquiry, such as requesting a repair.

Tenant Scrutiny review on Welfare Reform

Our Tenant Scrutiny panel carried out a review in June 2017 to look at the way we approach Welfare Reform, and to make sure we’re supporting our tenants affected by it in the best possible way.

The panel did loads of work on this including reviewing policies and talking to staff and other organisations to really get a good picture of what we’re doing and what we could do even better.

Recommendations made by the panel included that we should take a firmer approach in our rent collecting, and that we need to reinforce that paying your rent must be the number one priority. So this is exactly what we’ve done.

For everyone that pays their rent on time each month, thank you. And for anyone behind in their rent payments, get in touch with us straight away to avoid further action that could eventually lead to eviction.

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